?️ Northern Shield – Hezbollah releases footage inside terror tunnel. Lebanon: No proof of tunnels

Operation Northern Shield goes on as planned until the IDF detects and destroys all of Hezbollah’s cross-border terror tunnels that were dug by Muslim terrorists from villages in southern Lebanon in order to infiltrate into Israel and slaughter Jews in their homes.

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Nabih Berri, the Speaker of the Parliament of Lebanon, said Wednesday that Israel did not provide proof that Hezbollah had dug tunnels along the Lebanese border, in a reference to a meeting held between Israel, Lebanon and the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL).

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Lebanese Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil said Tuesday that his country intends to submit an official complaint to the UN Security Council in light of the IDF operation to neutralize Hezbollah terror tunnels on the Lebanese border, according to reports in Lebanese media.

Hezbollah terror group released pictures of IDF engineers taking part in the operation near Moshav Zar’it, on Wednesday. Lebanese media aired footage of the concrete block factory that concealed the Hezbollah terror tunnel that was destroyed by IDF Tuesday.

In addition, the terror group released footage of its Muslim terrorists allegedly inside a terror tunnel in southern Lebanon.

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The IDF has released footage from a hidden camera inside a Hezbollah terror tunnel that was dug by Muslim terrorists in order to murder Israeli civilians.

The terror tunnel was dug from Kafr Kela in Lebanon into Israeli territory, outside the Upper Galilee city of Metula.

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A small explosive was triggered as the terrorists approach the camera. The terror tunnel was later neutralized.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday evening that IDF Operation Northern Shield to destroy Hezbollah terror tunnels will continue until all its objectives are reached.

“This is not a limited operation, it is a broad and ongoing operation,” Netanyahu said, speaking alongside IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gadi Eisenkot at the IDF’s headquarters in Tel Aviv.

Netanyahu said Hezbollah’s intention was to conquer parts of the Galilee, an effort which the PM said is part of a broader regional operation led by Iran.

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Northern Shield - Hezbollah releases footage inside terror tunnel. Lebanon No proof of tunnelsNorthern Shield - Hezbollah releases footage inside terror tunnel. Lebanon No proof of tunnels (2)Northern Shield - Hezbollah releases footage inside terror tunnel. Lebanon No proof of tunnels (3)