Elite IDF unit posed as aid workers, used ‘detailed but fake’ ID cards of real Gazans

Elite IDF unit posing as medical aid workers used “detailed but fake” ID cards of real Gaza citizens in the November 11 raid, in which the special forces entered into Gaza as a part of an undercover mission, Hamas terror group officials have claimed.

The Gaza citizens whose identities had been “stolen” allegedly hail from across Gaza but not the area where the Israeli uncover operation was taking place. This was in case they were discovered by local residents, according to several officials within the terror group.


Hazem Qassem, a Hamas spokesman, said its security wing detained and questioned all the Gazans whose identities appeared on ID cards that were discovered in around the wreckage of a vehicle used by the Israeli special forces squad who were 3km into south Gaza’s Khan Younis district when their cover was blown.

The cards were “very accurate,” Qassem added: they included the correct full names, ID numbers and details of the residents.

Qassem said that while several people had been arrested, to his knowledge those whose identities had been used were released “as they genuinely knew nothing”.

7-Muslim-terrorists-including-a-Hamas-leader-eliminated-in-clashes-with-IDF-forces-in-Gaza-2 (3).jpg

A Hamas terrorist who asked to remain anonymous said the Israeli forces were in Gaza to replace listening and surveillance devices that had been laid before.

Another Hamas terrorist claimed the Israeli team told at the checkpoint they were medical workers who worked on delivering patients back to their houses after treatment and had a wheelchair in the back of the van, but the Hamas security forces were suspicious as their accents did not match the areas where they said they were from.

A Hamas terror group court on Tuesday sentenced to death six Gazans, including a woman, for ‘spying for Israel’. Hamas Interior Minister said that they were successful in thwarting a planned Israeli operation in Gaza. It is unclear if he is referring to the November raid.

IDF Special Forces entered into Gaza in a civilian vehicle on November 11, as a part of an undercover mission. The force was exposed and an exchange of fire erupted while an Israeli aircraft accompanied the ground forces.


An IDF officer identified only as Lieutenant Colonel ‘M’ was killed and another officer was seriously wounded during the operation.

At least seven Muslim terrorists, including a Hamas leader in the Khan Yunis area, were eliminated after a heavy fire exchange. All the eliminated terrorists were part of the Hamas terror group armed wing Izz ad-Din al-Qassam, whose sole mission is to murder Jews.

7-Muslim-terrorists-including-a-Hamas-leader-eliminated-in-clashes-with-IDF-forces-in-Gaza-2 (2).jpg

In an unusual move, the IDF censor called on Israelis not to share any information they have about the secret mission inside Gaza.


Access to the websites of Hamas terror group’s armed wing Izz ad-Din al-Qassam has been blocked in Israel over the past weeks.