IDF confirms Syrian anti-aircraft missile fired at Israeli fighter jets found in the Golan

The IDF confirmed that remnants of a Syrian anti-aircraft missile fired at Israeli fighter jets were found in an open area in Israel’s Golan Heights on Friday afternoon.

Syrian air defenses shot down several targets but did not shoot down an Israeli warplane on Thursday, Russia’s RIA news agency cited an unnamed Syrian security source as saying on Friday.

The report contradicted an earlier report from RIA citing the same source that said Syria had shot down an Israeli plane as well as four missiles aimed at the town of Kiswah, south of the capital Damascus.

The IDF said the earlier reports about a downed Israeli plane or aerial target was bogus.

Syria  Israel bombed Iranian, Hezbollah targets in 3 waves of air and missile strikes

On Thursday night, Israeli fighter jets allegedly bombed Iranian bases, headquarters, weapons storages, missile batteries, and Hezbollah facilities in al-Kiwash, a town south of Damascus, Qanaqar southwest of Damascus, near Damascus airport and Quneitra, near Israel’s Golan border in three waves of air and missile attacks.

Syrian opposition sources on the ground said the area was close to where the Iranian-backed Lebanese terror group Hezbollah has a powerful presence with several bases.

The attack came only a few hours after a Boeing 747 belonging to Iranian airline Fars Air Qeshm— reportedly used by the country’s Revolutionary Guards to smuggle weapons to Tehran’s allies— conducted a direct flight from the Iranian capital to Beirut for the first time.

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