Four terrorists’ homes demolished overnight

In the wake of the lethal terror attack near Hevron which claimed the lives of two Israelis on Friday, IDF forces destroyed the homes of four terrorists who were convicted of murdering Israelis in the recent terror wave.

The destruction was carried out less than 48 hours after the High Court of Justice approved the state’s demolition orders.

Engineering forces destroyed the homes of the terrorists, whom were responsible for the murders of Malachi Rosenfeld and Eitam and Na’ama Henkin. The home of Mohad Hamad, who was convicted for the murder of Rosenfeld, was destroyed in the village of Silwad, near Ramallah.


Three other homes belonging to Hamas terrorists from the group that killed the Henkin couple were also destroyed in Shechem. The attack is largely considered the first major violent act of the recent terror wave.


The homes of the terrorist who murdered Danny Gonen, who was killed near Dolev, have yet to be destroyed in light of the High Court rejecting a recent appeal by the terrorist’s family. They are however expected to be demolished in the coming days.


The house of convicted terrorist Abdallah Ischak, one of the arabs who murdered Rosenfeld, will not be demolished after the High Court accepted an appeal which stated that the terrorist had rented his apartment and did not have sufficient ties to justify the home’s demolition.