IDF blocks Hamas websites – Terror group claims elite IDF unit installed spying equipment

Access to the websites of Hamas terror group’s armed wing Izz ad-Din al-Qassam has been blocked in Israel over the past week.

The IDF censorship is working to prevent the distribution of pictures purporting to be of the soldiers who took part in the November 11 special forces raid inside Gaza.

Users trying to enter to websites associated with the terror group are redirected to an error message of the Israeli government’s official websites.

The Hamas websites are only blocked for users in Israel.

In an unusual move, the IDF censor called on Israelis last week not to share any information they have about the secret mission inside Gaza.

IDF censor calls on Israelis not to share information about special forces raid inside Gaza

Citing a senior Hamas terrorist, a Hezbollah-affiliated news outlet reported Wednesday that the elite IDF unit conducted an intelligence-gathering operation in which had entered Gaza multiple times through the Kerem Shalom crossing, using false identity cards,  in order to plant surveillance equipment to monitor Hamas’s internal communications.

The Hamas terrorist claimed the IDF force also installed listening devices near the border, east of Gaza City, under the cover of works done by one of the communications companies in Gaza.

Before their final operation, the special forces entered Gaza through the Erez crossing.

IDF Special Forces entered 2 miles into Gaza in a civilian vehicle on November 11, as a part of an undercover mission.


The force was exposed and an exchange of fire erupted while an Israeli aircraft accompanied the ground forces.

An IDF officer identified only as Lieutenant Colonel ‘M’ was killed and another officer was seriously wounded during the operation.


At least seven Muslim terrorists, including a Hamas leader in the Khan Yunis area, were eliminated after a heavy fire exchange. All the eliminated terrorists were part of the Hamas terror group armed wing Izz ad-Din al-Qassam, whose sole mission is to murder Jews.

Most details of the November 11 operation could not be published by order of the IDF censor.

The raid led to an unprecedented barrage of rockets from Gaza towards southern Israel, that ended in a ceasefire between Israel and the terror group.