80-year-old Israeli woman injured in rock-throwing attack south of Jerusalem

BREAKING: Muslim terrorists attempted to murder Jews by throwing rocks at passing vehicles near the terror nest of al-Aroub in the Gush Etzion area, south of Jerusalem.

A woman in her 80s was lightly wounded from glass shrapnel when the car she was traveling in was attacked by the terrorists.

She was treated by first responders at the scene.

Yesterday, a 32-year-old Muslim terrorist who worked as a nurse, rammed his car into IDF soldiers near al-Aroub.

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The Muslim terrorist was shot and eliminated by IDF forces.

Two of the soldiers were lightly wounded and one is in moderate condition.

Shortly after the terror attack, Muslim terrorists and jihad sympathizers gathered outside the terrorist’s home in the Dheisheh neighborhood of Bethlehem, chanting “we are people of Mohammad Deif” and “in spirit and blood, we’ll redeem the martyr”.

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