Islamists Targeted Bataclan Club in Paris Due to Jewish Owners

French magazine Le Point says the Bataclan theater has for years been the target of anti-Zionist groups as its Jewish owners often put on pro-Israel events.

The publication quotes a member of the extremist group Army of Islam, who told French security services in 2011 that, “We had planned an attack against the Bataclan because its owners are Jews.”

The Eagles of Death Metal, the band performing at the theater when the attacks began, played in Tel Aviv’s Barby club in July. The southern-California band, performed in Israel this past summer despite public efforts to convince them not to, led by former Pink Floyd member Roger Waters. The band resisted the call vigorously, with guitarist Jesse Hughes claiming to have answered Waters “F– you.”

Similarly in December 2008, as seen in the video below, a group of youths wearing kaffiyehs descended upon employees of the theater protesting a planned gala event for the Israeli Border Police.