Families of terror victims demand full demolition of Barkan terrorist’s house

The relatives of Kim Levengrond Yehezkel and Ziv Hagbi asked the IDF on Sunday to fully demolish the house of the Muslim terrorist who murdered the two at the Barkan industrial zone over a month ago.

The request comes in protest over the IDF decision to only partially destroy the family home. The house will remain partially intact, with the demolition to be limited to the two floors used by the terrorist.


The mother and brother of the Muslim terrorist were indicted on Friday morning.

According to the indictment, the mother knew that the terrorist had weapons and that he was training to carry out the attack.

In addition, two weeks before the attack, the terrorist indicated that he intended to carry out a terror attack and die as a ‘martyr’, yet did not inform the authorities.

The brother of the terrorist was charged with an additional offense of disruption of court proceedings for trying to hide the recorder of security cameras in their home.

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On October 7th shortly before 8 a.m., a Muslim terrorist entered a factory where he worked in the Barkan Industrial Zone, near Ariel, armed with a locally-made Carlo submachine gun.

The terrorist went upstairs to fix an electrical malfunction on the second floor, noticed several employees, and decided to go back downstairs. The terrorist took zip ties from the factory’s warehouse and then returned to the second floor to carry out the terror attack.

Upon reaching the second floor, where the factory’s offices are located, the Muslim terrorist forced a janitor at gunpoint to handcuff the victim, released him unharmed and executed Kim Levengrond-Yehezkel.


The terrorist then advanced towards the office of Ziv Hajabi and shot him to death as well.

After the terror attack, the terrorist waited for about five minutes while the factory workers treated the victims and then fled the factory, still armed with the submachine gun, boarded a car and headed in the direction of Shechem.


The Border Police’s counter-terrorism Yamam unit; troops from the IDF’s elite Duvdevan, Lotar and Oketz units; and Shin Bet forces are participating in the manhunt for the terrorist, who is still on the run.

Mother and brother of the Muslim terrorist who murdered Kim and Ziv indicted.jpg

Earlier this month hundreds of people along with the bereaved family of Kim and Ziv marched in their memory and in protest over the fact that the Muslim terrorist has not yet been caught, his house still hasn’t been demolished.

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Some of the marchers had their hands bound with zip ties in memory of Kim, who was shot in ISIS-style execution by the terrorist after being tied up during the terror attack.