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The Attacks in Paris: What Happened at Each Location

French television and news services reported that more than 170 people were killed and many more wounded in multiple attacks across Paris on Friday night. Here are the locations of the attacks that were confirmed as of 6 a.m. Paris time.

1 – Concert venue – About 100 dead after police raid to end hostage situation.

2 – Restaurant – Gunmen open fire, killing about 18.

3 – Restaurant – Gunmen kill about 14 and wound many.

4 – Stadium –  At least two explosions are heard during a soccer game.

5 – Other sites


Shootings and Hostages Taken at Concert Hall

The most deaths appear to have occurred at the Bataclan, a popular concert venue. About 9:30 p.m., several attackers entered and began shooting. The gunmen began taking hostages around 10 p.m. The French news media quoted officials as saying that about 100 people were killed here.

Restaurant Shooting

Gunmen aimed at a restaurant at the corner of Rue de Charonne and Rue Faidherbe. Prosecutors said about 18 people were killed in this area.

Another Restaurant Shooting

At least one restaurant was targeted by gunmen, according to the police. About 14 people were killed, and body bags were seen outside Le Carillon.

Explosions Near Stadium

At least two explosions were heard outside the Stade de France, the country’s main sports stadium, during a France-Germany soccer match. The French president, François Hollande, who was at the game, was evacuated from the stadium.

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