Israel headed for early elections – Meeting between PM Netanyahu and Bennet failed

BREAKING: At the end of a meeting between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Education Minister Naftali Bennett it was decided to hold elections as soon as possible, sources close to Bennett said.

PM Netanyahu reportedly refused to give Bennett the Defense Ministry.

The coalition heads will agree on a date to hold elections coming Sunday.

Initial reports said that Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon’s insistence on going to the polls led Netanyahu to dissolve the Knesset.

PM Netanyahu has come under heavy criticism for agreeing to a ceasefire with Hamas.

His defense minister Avigdor Liberman resigned in protest on Wednesday, saying that ‘Israel capitulated to terror’ and sparking the political crisis.

“I tried to remain a loyal government member, in the cabinet, keep differences internal even at an electoral cost,” Liberman said. The two turning points, he said, were the 15 million dollars in cash delivered from Qatar to Gaza, and the ceasefire Israel reached with Hamas terror group on Tuesday.

“There is no other definition, no other significance, but a capitulation to terror,” he said.

After almost 500 rockets fired at southern Israel, Hamas and other Gaza terror groups said Tuesday they had accepted an Egyptian-mediated ceasefire with Israel.

Some cabinet ministers claimed that Netanyahu “imprisoned” them and while they were discussing potential solutions to the escalation, he was aware that there were already advances underway to promote a ceasefire.