Serious incident in Gaza – Hamas commander eliminated in Khan Yunis

BREAKING: Senior Hamas leader eliminated by IDF forces in Khan Yunis, southern Gaza.

Hamas terror group confirms the death of senior commander Nourreddin Mohammed Salama Barake in a failed attempt to kidnap him by Israeli special forces in Khan Younis.

Arabs report that IDF Special Forces entered 2 miles into Gaza in a civilian vehicle and assassinated the Hamas leader in the Khan Yunis area.

Serious incident in Gaza - Hamas commander eliminated in Khan Yunis (2)


Serious incident in Gaza - Hamas commander eliminated in Khan Yunis (3)


Arabs report at least 7 Hamas terrorists killed in the clash with IDF forces. It appears as all the eliminated terrorists are part of the Hamas-armed wing Izz ad-Din al-Qassam.

Arabs report at least four Hamas terrorists killed in IDF targeted strikes in Khan Yunis.jpg

Reports suggest that Hamas terrorists clashed with an Israeli special unit in Khan Younis. Some reports suggest the incident occurred inside an underground tunnel, others suggest it occurred above ground.

Israeli airstrikes targeted the area, which is without power now.

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Hamas interior ministry confirms a large-casualty security incident in the southern Gaza Strip. Police forces are called to high alert.

Israeli Police closed roads near Zikim beach, north of the Gaza fence.

Gaza border communities’ residents were instructed to remain close to bomb shelters.

Incoming rocket sirens sounded in Israeli communities near the Gaza border and the central Negev following the security incident.

Rockets launched by Muslim terrorists from Gaza hit two towns in southern Israel. Heavy damage reported to an agricultural infrastructure. No injuries.

Arabs report that the green light was given to all terror groups in Gaza to retaliate against Israel.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu decided to cut short his visit to Paris and will return to Israel tonight.

The Home Front Command issued instructions to residents of Israeli towns near the Gaza border.  Public gatherings will be permitted for up to 300 people in closed areas only. Schools in the region will be closed on Monday, and public services will be provided in a reduced capacity. Agricultural work in the region is prohibited.

UPDATE: IDF Lieutenant Colonel ‘M’ killed during mission inside Gaza

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