WATCH: Topless female protester runs at Trump’s motorcade in Paris

A topless female protester ran towards the motorcade carrying President Donald Trump along the Champs Elysees in Paris ahead of a ceremony on Sunday to mark the Armistice that ended WWI before she was apprehended by French police.

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The woman appeared to be a member of Femen, a radical feminist activist group that is based in Paris and frequently carries out shock protests against sexism, racism, homophobia and other social and political issues.

She came within a few meters of the motorcade, in an incident that is likely to raise questions about security at the event attended by some 70 world leaders.

PM Netanyahu arrived in Paris to honor the millions of soldiers who died in the war.

Anti-Semitic billionaire George Soros and his neo-Marxist organization ‘Open Society’ are among the donors to the conference. Both Trump and Netanyahu have been vocal critics of Soros in recent years.