Terror in Melbourne: Muslim terrorist blows up car packed with gas cylinders, stabs 3 people, murdering 1

A knife-wielding Muslim terrorist has been shot and neutralized by police after blowing up his car on Bourke Street in Melbourne’s CBD, stabbing three people and murdering one.

The Somali Muslim terrorist, who was shouting ‘allahu akbar’ and is known to counter-terrorism agencies, was then rushed to hospital in a critical condition and finally died from his wounds.

Officers shot him in the chest after his Holden Rodeo loaded with gas cylinders hit a pedestrian and exploded.

Video shot from the scene showed the Muslim terrorist lunging at two police officers with a knife as a truck burns just a few feet away.

Harrowing pictures show a dead body lying in the street covered by a white sheet surrounded by pools of blood.

It has since emerged that one of the stab victims has died at the scene.

Three people were rushed to the hospital while one of those victims suffered a neck injury is said to be in a critical condition.


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