College Night Massacre: 12 murdered in shooting attack at a bar in Thousand Oaks

Twelve people have been murdered after a bearded terrorist opened fire at a bar packed with teenagers in California.

The terrorist stormed the Borderline Bar and Grill wearing a black trenchcoat armed with a pistol equipped with an extended magazine and smoke grenades and began targeting people as young as 18.

Conflicting reports on whether the terrorist killed himself or was shot and eliminated by Police inside the bar.

Sergeant Ron Helus was shot by the terrorist and died at a nearby hospital.

He was a 29-year veteran of the force and planned to retire next year.

One witness told ABC7 that the terrorist walked up to a security guard shot him before entering the restaurant and opening fire at random.

He also threw smoke grenades around the dance floor area which was said to be ‘very crowded’.

College Night Massacre: 12 murdered by Muslim terrorist in shooting rampage at Thousand Oaks bar

Between 10 to 20 people are also injured, on top of the 12 killed (not including the terrorist).

Ventura Country deputy Geoff Dean said of his dead colleague: “He died a hero. He went in to save lives, to save other people.”

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