Netanyahu welcomes Iran sanctions: I went against the whole world; today we see the results

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed President Trump’s courageous decision in reimposing US sanctions on Iran.

“This day is a historic day,” Netanyahu said in public remarks to legislators from his Likud party.

“This is the day on which the United States, led by President Trump, imposed the most severe sanctions on Iran, the most severe sanctions imposed on Iran since the beginning of the effort to stop its aggression. We see the impact of these sanctions on the ground right now. And the second wave of sanctions, especially the sanctions imposed on the SWIFT, the banking clearing system used by the Iranian regime, will add a very severe blow to Iran’s terrorist regime.

PM Netanyahu welcomes Iran sanctions This is a great day for the future of Israel.jpg

“I believed that sanctions must include this element of credit clearance. I raised this several times, even during my last meeting with US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, and I am pleased that the US has decided to include this component, the credit component.

“Iran is the greatest threat to Israel, the Middle East and to world peace. You know that for many years I have devoted my time and energy to the war against the Iranian threat. In this matter, I went almost against the whole world. Today we see the results of this long and continuous struggle.

“I would like to thank President Donald Trump again for a courageous, determined and important decision. I think that this contributes to stability, security, and peace. True, there can be more bumps along the way, but we must approach this very aggressively and from strength. also morally, economically and vis-à-vis security.

“This is a great day for the State of Israel. This is a great day for the people of Israel. This is a great day for the future of Israel.”