3 Muslim teen-terrorists eliminated by IDF drone after attempting to plant a bomb near the Gaza border

BREAKING: The IDF carried out an aircraft attack targeting a group of Muslim terrorists approaching the security border fence with Gaza and attempting to plant a bomb east of Khan Younis.

Arabs report three terrorists eliminated and two wounded in the drone strike.

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Three teen-terrorists between the ages of 12 and 14 were eliminated in the strike, Gaza’s Health Ministry said.

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Earlier, the Red Crescent reported that three bodies were found east of Khan Younis. Israel had denied the carcasses were located on its side of the border.

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At least 40 rockets were fired by Muslim terrorists from Gaza towards southern Israel during Friday night and Saturday morning. Several residents of Israeli towns near the Gaza border suffered shock and were evacuated to hospital.

The IDF said overnight Sunday that it had decided to remove the restrictions placed on the Gaza border communities following the escalation over the weekend.

Following the IDF’s decision to remove all restrictions, residents of Israeli communities adjacent to Gaza have decided not to send their children to school in an act of protest.

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Dozens of residents from Israeli towns near the Gaza border protested in Tel Aviv on Sunday evening against the current wave of rockets launched from Gaza over the weekend, the firebomb-balloons that have torched thousands of acres of land, and “Israel’s lack of reaction.”

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