Unexploded rocket found at school – Residents in southern Israel protest government’s weakness

Police sappers were called to a school in southern Israel to neutralize an unexploded rocket thought to be from a barrage launched from Gaza over the weekend.

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The rocket was discovered close to the classrooms. Students were evacuated as Police sappers neutralized it.

At least 40 rockets were fired by Muslim terrorists from Gaza towards southern Israel during Friday night and Saturday morning. Several residents of Israeli towns near the Gaza border suffered shock and were evacuated to hospital.

According to the IDF, the rocket fire from Gaza by the Islamic Jihad was directed by Syria and Iran. “What happened tonight in Gaza is directed from Damascus. We consider the Syrian regime and the Iranian Quds Force responsible.”

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The IDF said overnight Sunday that it had decided to remove the restrictions placed on the Gaza border communities following the escalation over the weekend.

Following the IDF’s decision to remove all restrictions, residents of Israeli communities adjacent to Gaza have decided not to send their children to school in an act of protest.

Residents blocked the entrance to the city of Sderot on Saturday night and called the government to act to ensure their security after months marred by rocket fire and firebomb-balloons that have torched thousands of acres of land.

Unexploded rocket found at school - Residents in southern Israel protest.jpg

“We can’t continue living in this war of attrition. We can’t keep waiting for disaster to strike. It’s important to remember there are citizens here with equal rights to all other citizens. We’re not second-class, we’re not invisible. We deserve to be treated properly. This is no way to live,” Meirav Cohen from Kibbutz Ein HaShlosha said.

The residents plan additional protests, including blocking roads and the Kerem Shalom border crossing.

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