Three Arabs killed in violent riots in Hevron, Ramallah, Gaza border

Three arab terrorists were killed Friday in riots in separate incidents in Judea, Samaria and Gaza border, arab sources said.

IDF forces shot dead a rioter during violent clashes near Ramallah on Friday, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry.

A statement from the ministry announced “the death of a young man, Lafi Yusuf Awad, 22 years old, from the village of Budrus in the district of Ramallah, (killed) by a bullet from Israeli forces.”

Earlier in the day, another arab was shot dead in violent clashes with IDF forces in Hevron, hospital sources said.

He was named as 21-year-old Hassan al-Bo, died in hospital after he was shot by live ammunition, an official at al-Ahli Hospital in Hevron said. He was said to be a resident of Halhul, a village north of Hevron.

Also Friday, a young arab terrorist in Hevron succumbed to his wounds after being shot by IDF forces in riots Thursday.

The arabs were rioting in several locations across Judea and Samaria. Aside from Hevron, there were violent riots near Ramallah, Tulkarem, Qalqilya, Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem and at several Judea and Samaria junctions.

In the Gaza Strip, arabs attacked IDF forces near the coastal plain’s northern and southern borders with Israel. According to the arabs, three terrorists were wounded in the riots.

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More than 200 arabs were treated during riots on Friday, the Palestinian Red Crescent said, the majority after inhaling tear gas.

The riots in Hevron occurred as arab terrorists murdered father and son south of Hevron, near Otniel. Two Israelis — a man in his 40s and his teenage son — were murdered in the attack, and five other family members were wounded.