Report: Israel, Hamas terror group reach agreement to ease terrorism on the Gaza border

Egypt reached a short-term agreement between Israel and Hamas terrorists to ease the terror attacks along the security border fence, the London-based Arabic-language newspaper Al-Hayat reported Friday.

According to the newspaper, the agreement would see Hamas put an end not only to the violent riots and infiltration attempts along the border but also to the incendiary kites and balloons attacks that burned more than 8,000 acres of Israeli fields and have been terrorizing Israeli towns near the Gaza border for months.

Muslim terrorists invade Israel, detonate a bomb and attempt to kidnap a soldier - 11 eliminated by IDF (8)



However, the agreement does not include a halt to the weekly so-called ‘March of Return’ but call the terrorists for an end to the violent riots and terror activities during the weekly Friday protests after mosque.

The expectation at this point is that in exchange for Israel’s easing of some of its border restrictions and the extension of the fishing zone off the Gaza coast, all the terror groups and Gaza factions will respect the agreement and prevent deterioration of the situation.

Friday riots after Mosque began along the Gaza border - IDF tank fire at terrorists near Rafah (10)

According to Arab sources, the understanding does not constitute an agreement on a long-term arrangement between Israel and Hamas terror group but halt the use of explosive devices directed at IDF troops and efforts by Muslim terrorists to break through the security border fence in order to invade Israel and murder Jews.

3 Muslim terrorists eliminated in today’s riots along the Gaza border (7)