Italy: 16-year-old girl drugged, raped and murdered by Muslims in Rome

Police in Rome are investigating the rape and murder of a 16-year-old girl in an incident that has shocked the city.

Desirée Mariottini, a 16-year-old from Cisterna di Latina, near Rome, was found dead last week at a building in Rome’s San Lorenzo district.

An autopsy revealed that she had drugs in her system and had been raped multiple times.

Italy 16-year-old girl raped and murdered by 'Africans and Arabs' in Rome (3).jpg

Desirée called her family late on the evening of October 17 to say she’d missed the bus and would be ‘staying with a friend.’

The next day she was reported missing, and on October 19 her body was discovered at the building, believed to be one of the city’s many abandoned buildings occupied by Muslims.

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Prosecutors investigating the disturbing case faced added difficulties after the death was initially misreported, delaying the investigation for three days; a hurried report by local police described the victim as a 25-30-year-old woman who died of an overdose, with no apparent signs of violence.

A Senegalese man, who was a witness, told the police:

“They drugged and raped her… A girl was screaming… I looked at the woman screaming and there was another girl in bed: they had put a blanket up to her head, but her head could be seen. I do not know if she was breathing but she seemed dead already because the other girl was screaming and saying she was dead.”

Italy 16-year-old girl raped and murdered by 'Africans and Arabs' in Rome

“I arrived there between midnight or half past midnight” – the African man added – “I went in and there was a girl screaming, in the building, there were Africans and Arabs: a few people, six or seven people”.

According to the man’s testimony, the other girl said the victim was raped:

“She was Italian I think she was Roman, she spoke Roman, she shouted ‘they raped her’, then she also took some drugs because she sells drugs there.”

Italy 16-year-old girl raped and murdered by 'Africans and Arabs' in Rome (2).jpg

San Lorenzo is a central Rome district known for its nightlife, popular with students of the nearby La Sapienza University.

Flowers and candles have been laid at its entrance in a tribute to Desirée, and the gate has been painted with red hearts and the words ‘Justice for Desirée. San Lorenzo does not forget you.’