Tensions rise in southern Israel: Iron Dome deployments – Landing routes changed at Ben Gurion Airport

Israel’s aviation authority has changed the routes for landing at Ben-Gurion Airport in order to accommodate advanced missile defenses following the rise in tensions in the south.

Reports suggest that additional Iron Dome missile defense batteries were deployed in central Israel and areas south of Ben Gurion Airport.

Earlier today, residents in southern Israel posted on social media photos and videos of IDF tanks and military hardware heading toward the Gaza border.

Later on Thursday, the Hamas terror group issued a statement vowing to investigate the rocket launched towards Beer Sheva yesterday.

Meanwhile, the PFLP and Islamic Jihad terror groups issued statements threatening Israel against a retaliation tomorrow.

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The security cabinet met in Jerusalem for about five and a half hours last night, to discuss the latest developments in the south after yesterday’s rocket hit in Beer Sheva.

The Cabinet ministers were instructed not to provide interviews to the media regarding the content of the discussion.

IDF tanks heading toward the Gaza border - Minister hints 'rules of the game have changed' (2)

Housing Minister Yoav Galant said “I am not commenting on the content of the cabinet discussions, but I can say one thing very explicitly – the rules of the game are about to change. We will no longer accept the fire terrorism and terror on the border fences.”