Jerusalem buses left unguarded despite government promise

Three hundred civilian security guards due to be enlisted to guard Jerusalem’s buses starting Sunday have not been called up, despite the government’s promises.

Last month, the government reinstated armed guards on the capital’s public transport system due to the ongoing terror wave in the city. The Ministry of Transport was informed that the guards were to be posted to buses throughout November, replacing IDF soldiers posted around the city.

Now, however, the organization in charge of forming the security guard unit has stated that training for the guards will only begin in December, Channel 10 reports Friday – as terror attacks near and on public transport continue to multiply.

Arab terrorists have launched at least four separate stabbing attacks at Jerusalem Light Rail stations – including Pisgat Ze’ev; Sayeret Duchifat, Pisgat Ze’ev; Yekutiel Adam; and Ammunition Hill.

The deadliest attack in Jerusalem over the past month has undoubtedly been the Armon Hanatziv shooting and stabbing spree on the 78 bus, which murdered three people and left at least seven injured.