Incendiary balloon lands in central Israel – 7 fires broke out today due to firebombs from Gaza

Police sappers were called to Moshav Beit Elazari near Gadera in central Israel, after a firebomb attached to a balloon launched by Muslim terrorists in Gaza, landed in a home there.

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 Police warn Israelis not to touch burning kites, tires or incendiary balloons and immediately report them to the police emergency line.

At least 7 fires broke out today in Israeli towns near the Gaza border, as a result of incendiary balloons launched by Muslim terrorists from Gaza.

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The IDF carried out two aircraft attacks targeting groups of Muslim terrorists in Gaza that were launching firebombs attached to balloons from el-Bureij and Beit Hanoun into Israeli territory.

According to Arab reports, one of the terrorists was injured in the strikes.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Hamas on Sunday, saying that if the ongoing border terrorism in Gaza continues, Israel will strike the terror group with “significant blows.”

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A terror group in Gaza says it launched the first-ever incendiary blimp towards Israel during Friday’s riots along the Gaza border.

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“If our fate is to be doomed to suffer, then we will not suffer alone,” the blimp said in broken Hebrew.

Same terror group publishes photos of fuses that its Muslim terrorists will attach to incendiary balloons and launch to Israel, with the date of next Friday.

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