IDF drone fires at Muslim terrorists launching firebombs into Israel

The IDF carried out two aircraft attacks targeting groups of Muslim terrorists in Gaza that were launching firebombs attached to balloons from el-Bureij and Beit Hanoun into Israeli territory.

According to Arab reports, one of the terrorists was injured in the strikes.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Hamas on Sunday, saying that if the ongoing border terrorism in Gaza continues, Israel will strike the terror group with “significant blows.”

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“Hamas, apparently, has not internalized the message. If they do not stop the violent attacks against us, they will be stopped in a different way and it will be painful – very painful.

We are very close to a different kind of activity, an activity that will include very powerful blows. If it has sense, Hamas will stop firing and stop these violent disturbances – now”, Netanyahu said at the start of the Cabinet.

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Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said on Sunday that after months of Hamas-led border terrorism, the time has come to strike Gaza’s rulers with “the hardest blow.”

“We have turned every stone and we have passed the point of no return… We have reached the stage where we must strike the hardest blow imaginable on Hamas,” Liberman said.