“I came to kill Jews”: Muslim terrorist arrested near border crossing in Samaria

Security guards arrested overnight Friday a 19-year-old Muslim terrorist from Qalqilya after he aroused suspicions at the Eliyahu checkpoint in Samaria.

A knife was found on his body during a physical inspection.

Upon questioning, the Muslim terrorist told guards at the checkpoint: “I came here to kill Jews”. He was arrested and taken for interrogation.

I came to kill Jews Muslim terrorist arrested near border crossing in SamariaI came to kill Jews Muslim terrorist arrested near border crossing in Samaria (2)

On Thursday afternoon, a Muslim terrorist stabbed and seriously wounded a 32-year-old IDF reservist who was standing at a bus stop in the Samaria Brigade Junction.

Soldiers and passersby then tried unsuccessfully to overcome the terrorist, who managed to flee towards the Arab village of Huwara after being shot in the leg.

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On Thursday evening, the Shin Bet in cooperation with Border Police and IDF forces caught and arrested the Muslim terrorist.


The Border Police’s counter-terrorism special unit Yamam, the elite Duvdevan unit, the counterterrorism Lotar unit, and the IDF Oketz Unit, as well as Shin Bet forces and Central Command and Judea-Samaria Brigade soldiers, are taking part in the manhunt for the Muslim terrorist who brutally murdered Kim Levengrond Yehezkel (28) and Ziv Hajabi (35), and wounded another woman in Sunday morning’s shooting attack.