Merkel meets Netanyahu amid blatant intervention over illegal Bedouin outpost

German Chancellor Angela Merkel arrived in Israel on Wednesday for a short official visit. Upon her arrival at Ben-Gurion Airport, Merkel was received by Regional Cooperation Minister Tzachi Hanegbi.

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara welcomed Merkel to the Prime Minister’s residence in Jerusalem.

Netanyahu and Merkel held a meeting with their entourages as part of a working dinner at the residence.

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Earlier today, Merkel threatened to cancel her arrival to Israel if the illegal Bedouin outpost Khan el-Ahmar in the Ma’aleh Adumim area is evacuated.

“If this is true, it’s a blatant, serious, and dangerous intervention,” Economy and Industry Minister Eli Cohen said, “Israel is a sovereign state with a strong and independent court, and we’ve long since ceased to be a tool to salve the conscience of the Europeans.”

PM Netanyahu and government ministers will hold an inter-governmental (G2G) meeting tomorrow with Chancellor Merkel and German government ministers. This will be the seventh such meeting in the last decade.

Chancellor Merkel lands in Israel, meets PM Netanyahu (2)

The inter-governmental consultations will focus on security, scientific, economic, cultural and cyber cooperation. There will also be a series of discussions and the signing of MOUs the goal of which is to strengthen bilateral relations.

Since the 15 February 2016 inter-governmental (G2G) consultations in Jerusalem, there has been significant progress in various fields including security, trade, culture and community affairs.