Fires break out in Israeli towns near Gaza due to firebomb-balloons and burning tires

At least two fires broke out today in Israeli towns near the Gaza border due to incendiary balloons launched by Muslim terrorists from Gaza into Israel.

Fires break out in Israeli towns near Gaza due to firebomb-balloons and burning tires.jpg

Sappers were called and Police closed off Road 35 due to a suspicious device attached to a balloon that landed near Givati Junction.

For the last six months, Muslim terrorists from Gaza have been burning Israeli fields, destroying wildlife, people’s food and livelihoods. They have been using arson kites, birthday balloons, condoms and falcons. Now they launch burning tires.

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Recently, an average of 12 fires a day were caused by incendiary balloons, most of them in the Be’eri and Kissufim forests or in open fields in the Eshkol and Sha’ar HaNegev Regional Councils.

Gaza region residents have been informed that police and IDF officials are concerned with the recent escalation, fearing it can lead to casualties since now Muslim terrorists in Gaza are launching explosive devices attached to balloons.

“The incendiary balloons terrorism has escalated in the past few days and now Palestinians are launching balloons day and night. If you recognize something suspicious on the ground, do not touch it and keep away. We recommend that parents explain this to their children as well,” an announcement circulated in a community near Gaza read.

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Yesterday, IDF forces were engaged in the controlled detonation of more than 100 explosive devices and grenades thrown by Muslim terrorists at IDF troops near the security border fence with Gaza during Friday’s riots.

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The IDF released footage of the violent riots and attempts to breach and sabotage the security border fence.

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