Germany: Police arrest Muslim terrorist planning chemical terror attack in Israel

German Police special forces arrested a 21-year-old Syrian Muslim terrorist, who was planning to carry out a chemical terror attack in Israel.

Police have confirmed to German media that the terrorist was detained last week after getting involved in a brawl.

The Syrian, who is said to have arrived via Libya with a fake passport and had previously been arrested for theft, was reportedly recruiting terrorists on behalf of ISIS, according to Bild.

Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service received a tip from a foreign ally on the terrorist and passed on the information to local authorities who began tapping his phone. Police said he was also wanted for assault at the time of his arrest.


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He was arrested next to a coffee shop in Berlin’s Neuköln borough, over his involvement in a fight. Masked special forces officers armed with machine guns detained him as police blocked nearby roads.

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The news of the arrest comes two days after two Muslim terrorists were arrested in Copenhagen and charged with attempting to supply ISIS with drones, which the terror group has used to carry out attacks, police said.

The two terrorists were arrested after police and Danish security and intelligence services carried out raids in Copenhagen, the police said in a statement.

Dutch authorities on Thursday arrested seven Muslim terrorists who were plotting a major terror attack with hand grenades, automatic weapons and explosives belts, prosecutors said.


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Three of the seven Muslim terrorists had previously been detained after attempting to join foreign terrorists abroad. The lead terrorist was a 34-year-old Iraqi who was convicted in 2017 for traveling abroad to join ISIS.

The terrorists, aged 21-34, were arrested in four locations across the Netherlands after nearly six months of investigations by authorities.