Abbas [coughing]: ‘Jerusalem is not for sale’

Addressing world leaders at the Assembly’s annual general debate, coughing and fighting for his words, PA chairman Abbas said that Jerusalem “is not for sale”.

The aging leader criticized the Trump administration’s recent moves on Jerusalem’s status as Israel’s capital, moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and aid cuts, saying they have undermined the two-state solution and reneged on previous agreements.

Abbas [coughing] ‘Jerusalem is not for sale’

“We awaited his peace initiative with utmost patience, but were shocked by decisions and actions he undertook that completely contradict the role and commitment of the United States towards the peace process,” Abbas said.

Abbas then called on President Trump to rescind his decisions and public decrees on Jerusalem,  aid to great-grandchildren of so-called Palestinian refugees and Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria to salvage the prospects of peace.

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Abbas said that “we are not against negotiations and have never rejected negotiations, and that we continue to extend our hands for peace.”

“We will not accept sole American mediation in the peace process because the U.S. has lost its eligibility – they are too biased toward Israel,” he said.

Abbas concluded his speech by “paying tribute to our honorable martyrs [eliminated Muslim terrorists] and courageous prisoners [convicted Muslim terrorists]”.