9 fires broke out in southern Israel due to firebombs from Gaza – Hamas says indirect cease-fire talks with Israel halted

At least 9 fires broke out today in Israeli towns near the Gaza border due to incendiary balloons launched by Muslim terrorists from Gaza into Israel.

The IDF targeted a motorcycle carrying firebomb-launchers near Rafah. No injuries reported.

National Fund Keren Kayemet and firefighting teams were working to put out a fire that sparked in Kibbutz Re’im due to an incendiary balloon launched from Gaza.



Multiple fire departments, including KKL teams, gained control of the flames in Kissufim forest, kibbutz Be’eri, kibbutz Re’im and Nahal Gerar. All fires were reportedly caused by incendiary balloons.

Gaza’s Hamas rulers say their indirect cease-fire talks with Israel have halted.



Hamas terror group official Sami Abu Zuhri on Sunday blamed the impasse on the Judea-Samaria-based Palestinian Authority, which has voiced its strong opposition to the talks.

Abu Zuhri said that in response, his Islamic terror group is escalating its riots and terror attacks in new locations along Gaza’s borders with Israel.