Syria: Latakia attacked by missiles from a French frigate – Russian plane disappears from radars

Syrian air defenses have engaged missiles targeting the area of Latakia, a city in the coastal province that is the home of Russia’s Khmeimim Air Base. Seven people were reportedly injured in the attack.

Russian defense ministry said that Russian airspace controls means have detected several missile launches from a French frigate in the Mediterranean late on Monday.

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A Russian IL-20 aircraft went off radar near Hmeymim airbase in Syria. Russian defense ministry said that the plane carried 14 servicemen and that their fate is unknown,  feared to have been shot down in the missile strike.

According to CNN, the Syrian army shot down the Russian plane while trying to thwart the attack on Latakia.

Some missiles hit parts of the city, according to local media, many of them were reportedly downed by Syrian air defense systems.



According to the state SANA news agency, the attack targeted the Technical Industries Agency headquarters in Latakia, owned by the Syrian military.

Reports from the area refer to “powerful explosions” heard in the city. According to Syrian military sources, the strikes also targeted a ‘power station’ and an ‘aluminum factory’.



Air defense activity was also reported in Homs and Tartous provinces, where Russia maintains a naval base.

Multiple local reports have accused Israel of launching the strikes, but there has been no confirmation of that.

Earlier on Monday,  the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that Israeli strikes on Syria over the past month have led to the deaths of 113 Iranian soldiers, officers and Tehran-backing militias.

Syria  Israeli airstrikes target depot with newly arrived weapons in Damascus airport (2)

According to the report, 140 Iranian militants and at least 28 pro-regime Syrian fighters were killed over the past five months in the explosions of the arms depots and warehouses that were attacked since April and which Syria attributed to Israel.