US revokes visas for PLO terror group envoy and his family, closes bank accounts

The Trump administration has revoked visas for the PLO terror group envoy to the US and his family, just days after shutting the PLO General Delegation Office in Washington.

PLO terror group member Hanan Ashrawi said the administration revoked the visas of Husam Zomlot’s wife and two children despite their being valid until 2020. Zomlot was the highest-ranking Palestinian Authority official in Washington, short of the rank of ambassador as the US does not recognize imaginary statehoods.

There is no immediate confirmation from the State Department.

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Last Monday, the PLO announced that the US had ordered the closure of its Washington DC mission. The US State Department later confirmed the move, stating that the Palestinian Authority had consistently refused to engage with the US government or to support peace talks with Israel.

The action against the PLO, which serves as the main entity representing the Palestinian Authority, comes as the Trump administration takes a harsher stance toward the PA amid ongoing Middle East peace negotiations.

“The United States was paying them tremendous amounts of money. And I’d say, you’ll get money, but we’re not paying you until we make a deal. If we don’t make a deal, we’re not paying. And that’s going to have a little impact,” President Trump said last month.

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The Trump administration has cut funds to the United Nation’s Palestinian refugee agency UNRWAan organization that cares for great-grandchildren of refugeesand pulled out of the world body’s human rights council due to anti-Israel bias.

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The US government has also ended some $200 million in payments by USAID to the Palestinian Authority and Gaza.