Explosive device thrown by Muslim terrorists at IDF troops near the Gaza border

A pipe bomb was thrown at IDF troops overnight near the security border fence with Gaza. Soldiers responded with live fire on three Muslim terrorists who were crawling along the fence.

No soldiers were injured in the attempted terror attack and was not immediately clear whether any of the terrorists were wounded as a result of the gunfire.

Overnight, Muslim terrorists were rioting, burning tires, throwing rocks, launching firebomb-balloons and attempting to infiltrate into Israel in order to murder Jews.



As every Friday after mosque, Hamas called its Muslim terrorists to continue the violent riots along the border.

Yesterday,  the IDF neutralized a bomb located near the security border fence in southern Gaza on Thursday.

IDF thwarts terror attack, neutralizes bomb near the Gaza border (2)

“The terror squad that planted the bomb had plans to attack IDF soldiers and disrupt the activity of the forces operating in the area,” the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said in a statement.

“The planting of the explosive device, conducted under a disguise of violent riots along the border, is another confirmation that Hamas terror organization is working to preserve the confrontation in the border area and to harm IDF soldiers while using civilians in the Gaza Strip as human and as a cover for terrorist activity,” the IDF stressed.

The IDF is ready to act against terror that seeks to harm its forces and defense infrastructures,” concluded the statement.