Lebanon will never agree to grant citizenship to so-called Palestinian refugees: Foreign Minister

In light of reports that the US will disclose a citizenship plan for so-called Palestinian refugees in Arab countries, Lebanon’s Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil emphasized that Lebanon “will never accept the naturalization of Palestinian refugees,” Lebanese media reported on Thursday.

“This position is neither new nor surprising. We are accustomed to such positions taken by the United States and Israel, and I have always been aware of this the latest was in front of the Arab League two days ago,” Bassil said.

Noting also the latest US decision to cut funding for the UNRWA, he said: “The disability of Arabs encourages the transition from the cessation of funding for UNRWA to the next step. But if the entire world accepts naturalization, Lebanon will never accept it.”

“As we defeated Israel by removing its occupation, we will defeat it with the naturalization project and with the right of return, which will remain sacred,” Bassil fantasized.

Lebanon is currently home to roughly 590,000 ‘Palestinian refugees’ (out of some five million worldwide), according to official Lebanese figures.

Earlier this week the US announced the closure of the PLO terror group mission in Washington.

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“The United States was paying [the Palestinians] tremendous amounts of money. And I’d say, you’ll get money, but we’re not paying you until we make a deal. If we don’t make a deal, we’re not paying. And that’s going to have a little impact,” President Trump said last week.

The Trump administration has cut funds to the United Nation’s Palestinian refugee agency UNRWAan organization that cares for great-grandchildren of refugeesand pulled out of the world body’s human rights council due to anti-Israel bias.

The US government has also ended some $200 million in payments by USAID to the Palestinian Authority and Gaza.