UK: Corbyn ally Diane Abbott grilled by a teenager over Jewish ‘costume’ remarks

Labour MP and Corbyn ally Diane Abbott walks away from a teenager on the London underground after he tried to question her over her remarks on orthodox Jews.

He says, ‘Why did you tell us that we wear costumes?’ She gets up and moves down the carriage without responding.

The Shadow Home Secretary appeared on BBC Question Time earlier this year and commented that her constituency has a community of Orthodox Jews that are ‘actually subject to hate crime more than other Jews because they wear that costume‘.



The Labour MP looked fed up as Alex Rose grilled her- then blanked him and moved further down the carriage.



Mobile phone footage shows Alex asking her: “Why did you tell us that we wear costumes? You said the costumes they wear in Stamford Hill.

“Because it’s not called a costume, love – it’s called a religious piece of clothing.”

UK Corbyn ally Diane Abbott grilled by a teenager over Jewish 'costume' remarks (2).jpg

The Labour MP looked up from her phone, glanced at the teenager for a moment and walked away to find another seat.

Alex told the Jewish Chronicle:

“I’ve heard a lot of talk amongst left-wing figures about the need for politicians to be more accountable to voters, and not just allowing themselves to be stuck in the Westminster bubble.

“But it was clear that Diane Abbott didn’t want to speak to me – which is a shame.”

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