Call for Help – Last Mitzvah for Proud Jew and Veteran

Hello everyone. We’ve never asked for anything from our amazing followers other than actually reading our reports. However, necessity demands that we do.

Yentl Weingrad is a very close friend of Behind the News and she is always willing to help us when more than one hand needed to ban Israel haters.

She needs our help now.

Please, help her to make this last Mitzvah for her father.

My father, a Vietnam veteran, proud Sephardic Jew, devoted husband and father, passed away suddenly last week.

He was a jack-of-all-trades, as well as an artist of countless oil paintings featuring scenes as varied as Texas scenery to religious, and biblical scenes.

When he wasn’t painting he ran a humble tailor shop with antique sewing machines out of tool sheds that he converted, or even out of his garage at one point.

My father had never been a wealthy man, nor did he have insurance for burial. All the money that he had, was whatever was received from the Govt. He leaves behind a grieving, elderly wife and son with special needs.

My mother cannot afford a burial; and many distant relations, who never really cared for my family, thought cremation was the best course of action. Cremation is against Halakha (Jewish law).

I fought tooth and nail against this plan of cremation, and have even been disowned by a sister and these distant relations.

We have tried various organizations for veterans, to no avail. We are down to one last organization that may or may not be able to help us, and since its an American holiday weekend, it is very difficult to get in contact with anyone, if at all. Not only this, but the funds must be gathered by the end of Tuesday!

I and my husband are a young couple; we live two states away. My husband just recently finished Law school, and this has left us deeply in debt. We both work, but with what we make for a living currently, its very difficult to get by. However, we have managed to raise over $1000 USD so far thanks to very kind friends. Unfortunately, its still not enough for the most basic of funerals. 

That’s why I’m asking for your help.

The high holidays of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur are nearly upon us and this is the last Mitzvah (good deed) you can do for a person.

Thank you from the bottom of my, my mother’s and brother’s hearts.