Violent Muslim riots throughout Judea-Samaria

Israeli security forces fired tear gas and rubber bullets at rock-throwing Muslim terrorists during violent riots in Judea and Samaria on Friday after mosque.

Around a dozen of the hundreds of Muslim terrorists gathered in the Arab village of Ras Karkar were injured, witnesses said.

Violent Muslim riots throughout Judea-Samaria.jpg

Violent riots broke out in multiple locations in the Shechem and Hevron area.

A special force in Hevron arrested 9 Muslim terrorists who threw rocks at IDF troops.



A Jewish tourist who mistakenly entered the Arab neighborhood of Abu Sneina in Hevron, was taken out by Arabs to the Gross Square where he joined a Border Police force.



Israeli Border Police on Friday arrested three Israel haters members of the ultra-leftist-anarchist organization Breaking the Silence, near the Jewish community of Mitzpe Yair, in the Hevron Hills area.