Watch: Corbyn claims Israel controls speeches made by British MPs in bizarre anti-Semitic conspiracy theory

Head of the UK Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn claimed that Israeli officials control the speeches made by British MPs, in bizarre anti-Semitic conspiracy theory which casts Jews as sinister manipulators, the Mail Online reports.

The remarks were captured on video in 2010, at a meeting of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) in London. In a speech about the shooting of Turkish terrorists who tried to break through the blockade around Gaza and then attacked IDF soldiers attempting to stop their ships, the Labour leader said:

‘[British MPs] all turned up [to the debating chamber] with a pre-prepared script. I’m sure our friend Ron Prosor (the Israeli ambassador) wrote it.

‘Because they all came up with the same key words. It was rather like reading a European document looking for buzz-words.

‘And the buzz-words were, “Israel’s need for security”. And then “the extremism of the people on one ship”. And “the existence of Turkish militants on the vessel”.

‘It came through in every single speech, this stuff came through.’



Mail Online has examined the transcript of the debate in question and could find no evidence that any of Corbyn’s ‘buzz words’ were mentioned by MPs.

In addition, a number of parliamentarians who spoke during the session have confirmed that they received no such ‘pre-prepared script’ or ‘buzz-words’ from Israeli sources.

In recent weeks, the Labour leader has come under increasing pressure over a number of issues linked to terrorism and anti-Semitism.


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