PM Netanyahu heads to Baltic states to balance EU’s unfriendly attitude towards Israel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu headed to Lithuania for a three-day visit, where he will meet with leaders of the Baltic states. The meeting is intended to strengthen Israel’s relations with the three EU member states.

PM Netanyahu said that he intended to counterbalance the European Union’s “unfriendly attitude to Israel”.

“I have been invited to the Summit of Baltic states. This is the first time an Israeli prime minister will visit Lithuania and the first time to be invited to this summit. This is an indication of Israel’s rising status in the world,” he said.

PM Netanyahu heads to Baltic states to balance EU's unfriendly attitude towards Israel.jpg

“I would also like to balance the EU’s unfriendly stance towards the State of Israel in order to achieve a more fair and genuine relationship with the State of Israel,” Netanyahu said.

“We are, of course, interested in strengthening our economic ties with these countries as they wish to do with us.”

“In addition, the visit to Lithuania, of course, reminds us of the glorious Jewish roots that were once there before the tragedy of the Holocaust,” he added.

During his stay, Netanyahu will participate in a memorial ceremony for Jewish Holocaust victims, an award ceremony for the Righteous Among the Nations, and additional events.

He will return to Israel on Sunday.