Watch: US National Security Advisor John Bolton slams wretched Iran nuclear deal

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with US National Security Adviser John Bolton, at the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem. National Security Council Director Meir Ben-Shabbat, US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman and Israeli Ambassador to the US Ron Dermer also participated.



“It’s a question of the highest importance for the United States that Iran never gets a deliverable nuclear weapons capability. It’s why President Trump withdrew from the wretched Iran nuclear deal … It’s why we work with our friends in Europe to convince them to take stronger steps against the Iranian nuclear and ballistic missile program,” Bolton said.

Opening his remarks, Prime Minister Netanyahu thanked President Trump for withdrawing from the disastrous Iranian nuclear deal and vowed to stand with the people of Iran in opposing the oppressive Tehran regime.

“In standing up to the regime, we stand with the people of Iran. The President has made it clear, Secretary Pompeo has made it clear, you’ve made it clear, and I’ve made it clear too – in numerous appeals, direct appeals to the people of Iran. And it’s important that the people of Iran understand that our fight is not with them. Our fight is with the regime that brutally represses them. That arrests women for uncovering their hair, hangs gays in the public squares, that defies the aspirations for freedom of millions and millions of Iranians”, Netanyahu said.