Terror-fan Muslima arrested for incitement and praising terror attacks on Facebook and Instagram

Police in Jerusalem have arrested Suzanne Abu-Ghanem, a 39-year-old Muslima terrorism-sympathizer resident of the eastern part of the city, for praising terror attacks and inciting to terrorism on Facebook.

In her posts, the terror-fan Muslima praises the terrorist who murdered Yotam Ovadia in the Jewish community of Adam about three weeks ago, as well as the terrorist who murdered Rabbi Raziel Shevah about six months ago. She also praised the terrorist who carried out the Har Adar shooting attack, in which a Border Policeman and two civilian security guards were killed.


Abu-Ghanem is the mother of the terrorist Hassan Abu Ghanem, who was shot and eliminated a year ago during violent Muslim riots for the right of the jihadists to smuggle weapons into the Temple Mount in order to murder Israelis.

Mother of Muslim terrorist charged with incitement for praising terror attacks on Facebook.jpg

“In the course of recent weeks, the police have conducted an undercover investigation against an East Jerusalem resident on suspicion of a long series of posts on a Facebook page in her name and on another social media platform [Instagram] that raises the suspicion of incitement to violence and terrorism and support for a terrorist organization,” the Police said in a statement.

She was brought before a magistrate’s court judge who extended her detention until Thursday. The terrorist’s lawyer, Mohammad Mahmoud, appealed the decision to the district court, which denied the appeal.