Terror in London: Pedestrians injured, Muslim terrorist arrested after car-ramming attack outside Parliament

BREAKING: At least 10 cyclists and pedestrians have been injured after a Muslim terrorist rammed his car an crashed into the barriers installed to stop terror attacks outside the Houses of Parliament in London.

The terrorist has been arrested and the area has been evacuated following the terror attack at around 7.40am.

Around a dozen armed officers swamped the vehicle and trained their rifles on the Muslim terrorist in a black coat who was pulled from the car and taken away.

Two people were treated for their injuries in hospital but they are not fighting for their lives.

Initially, police were treating it as a road traffic collision but two hours later the force said: ‘While we are keeping an open mind, the Met’s Counter-Terrorism Command is leading the investigation into the incident’.

Scotland Yard said this morning they were currently treating the terror attack as a serious ‘road traffic collision’.  But a large cordon was set up around Parliament and up to 200 officers have been sent to Westminster who moved members of the public away from the scene.



The Houses of Parliament was also on lockdown and entrances were closed after the incident.



Ewalina Ochab saw the ramming attack and said: ‘I think it looked intentional – the car drove at speed and towards the barriers.

‘I was walking on the other side [of the road]. I heard some noise and someone screamed. I turned around and I saw a silver car driving very fast close to the railings, maybe even on the pavement.’

‘The person driving did not go out’ of the vehicle, she said, and she claimed that the car did not appear to have a front registration plate when it crashed.



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