Quiet night for Israeli towns near the Gaza border

Residents of southern Israel experienced a quiet night after hundreds of rockets were launched from Gaza toward Israeli towns near the border, leading thousands of Israelis to spend the whole day near bomb shelters.

The ceasefire is in effect, despite official Israeli denials. No airstrikes or rocket attacks occurred after midnight and the IDF Home Front Command reduced its alert.

Following a full combat day between Israel and Hamas terrorists in Gaza, Al Jazeera reported that Israel and Hamas have signed a ceasefire deal and that it had been in effect since 10:45 PM Israel time Thursday night.

The calm for calm equation is currently in place.

On Friday morning, the IDF Home Front Command announced that all security restrictions in the town of Netivot and communities in the central Negev region had been lifted.

The IDF also said that the train service between Ashkelon and the Gaza border town of Sderot would resume.