IDF tanks fire at Hamas targets in response to shooting at IDF patrol

BREAKING: Shots were fired at IDF troops patrolling near the northern Gaza border. An IDF vehicle was damaged in the shooting attack. No injuries.

The IDF responded with tank fire at Hamas positions.

In light of Hamas statements and the evacuation of Hamas outposts—indicating a terror attack which will cause a significant IDF response, the IDF Southern Command decided to reinforce the Gaza Division and close several Israeli roads in the area surrounding Gaza for security reasons.

IDF  reinforces Gaza division after Hamas evacuates positions

“The IDF operates in order to ensure the security of civilians in the area, will not tolerate any aggression against Israeli civilians or soldiers, and is prepared for a wide variety of scenarios”, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said.

Earlier on Wednesday, the IDF stopped all anti-terror wall work on the Gaza border, fearing sniper attacks from Hamas posts.

IDF reinforces Gaza division after Hamas evacuates positions (2)

Hamas terror group threatened Israel that it would ‘pay a price’ for eliminating two Muslim terrorists in retaliation for a shooting attack at IDF troops.

Earlier on Tuesday, Muslim terrorists fired shots towards IDF soldiers near northern Gaza from a Hamas post. No injuries to IDF troops were reported.

In response, an IDF tank targeted the post near Beit Lahiya, from which the shots were fired.


5-year Hamas ceasefire to include the return of living citizens and MIA soldiers (2)

Hamas  threatens revenge against Israel for eliminating 2 Muslim terrorists (3)