WATCH – Venezuela: Assassination attempt during Maduro’s speech in Caracas

A demonstration in Venezuela was abruptly interrupted on Sunday after an alleged attempt of assassination of Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro, according the footage recording of the leaders’ televised address.

When Maduro was delivering  a speech, he and people around him on the tribune have suddenly looked up and then the participants of the demonstration rushed from the scene, as documented on the video, released by several Venezuelan media outlets.


The assassination attempt on Maduro might have been committed with the use of a drone filled with C-4 explosives.

A fire broke out in a building, possibly after the drone crashed.

“The assassination has presumably happened, but it turned out to be unsuccessful,” a source said.



Venezuelan journalist Roman Camacho reported on Twitter, citing “unofficial sources,” that a drone loaded with C4 was detonated near the presidential box. Several army cadets were injured, but neither Maduro, nor any of his cabinet members have been hurt in the resulting explosion, he wrote.

Maduro was speaking at the event marking the 81st anniversary of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB), a branch of the country’s armed forces.