Norway demands Israel explain seizure of vessel attempting to violate legal blockade of Gaza

Norway has asked Israel to explain the legal grounds for detaining a Norwegian-flagged fishing boat seized while terrorism-sympathizers and Israel-haters tried to sail to Gaza.

The Norway’s foreign ministry said its diplomats in Israel had been providing consular assistance to five Norwegians who were among the 22 passengers and crew detained onboard the vessel Kaarstein on Sunday.

Two Israelis on board were quickly released.

IDF  stops vessel attempting to violate the naval blockade

Torstein Dahle, head of the Israel-haters which organized the shipment, said it was the first Norwegian vessel to attempt to breach the Israeli blockade of Gaza.

The captain had been struck on the head by Israeli soldiers who ordered him to sail for Israel, but no one was seriously hurt, Dahle said.

Israel’s maritime blockade of Gaza meant to prevent weapons from being transferred into the hands of terrorists -including the ruling Hamas terror group. Egypt also restricts imports by land.