2 rockets from Syria fall in the Kinneret

Two rockets fired from Syria fell in the waters of Lake Kinneret in northern Israel on Wednesday, after rocket sirens were heard in the Golan Heights and residents reported hearing an explosion.

The IDF said it was investigating which type of weapon was fired from Syria.

Given the relatively long distance of the location from which the projectile was fired, the IDF is examining whether it was a more long-range weapon than usual and if it could be a rocket or shoulder-fired missile.

The IDF originally concluded that the siren had been triggered by internal fighting in the Syrian civil war, and later confirmed that errant rocket fire had in fact landed in Israeli territory.

Yesterday, two Patriot missiles were launched at a Syrian Sukhoi fighter jet that infiltrated about 1 mile into Israeli airspace.

The IDF monitored the fighter jet, which was then intercepted by Patriot missiles.

Sirens sounded in northern Israel in the Golan and Emek HaYarden regional councils and the city of Katzrin.