❌ What’s the Palestinian Authority’s top priority? Paying Muslim terrorists for murdering Israelis

What’s the Palestinian Authority’s top priority?

Making peace with Israel? No.

Making the PA’s economy prosperous? No.

Fighting terrorism? No.

According to Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas, PA’s top priority is paying Muslim terrorists generous salaries as reward for murdering Israelis to the PA’s last penny.



A Palestinian Authority official says that Muslim terrorists have a right to murder Israelis and that paying them salaries (taken from funds given by donor countries) as reward for murdering innocent people, is “sacred”.

The Palestinian Authority encourages terrorism.

Do you want your tax money to be used to pay terrorists?



Earlier this month, Israel passed a law to deduct ‘Pay to Slay’ terrorists’ salaries from the Palestinian Authority.

According to the law’s sponsors, the PA paid terrorists over NIS 4 billion over the past four years, with NIS 1.2 billion being paid in the last year alone.

PA official Muslim terrorists have a right to murder Israelis, paying them salaries is sacred

The bill says that welfare payments paid out by the PA to Muslim terrorists in Israeli prison and to their families, as well as the families of terrorists eliminated during terror attacks, must be deducted from tax revenues Israel transfers annually to the administrative body.

The money withheld in this way would instead go into a fund designated to help victims of terror attacks.