Report: The Mossad gave the intel that thwarted Iran’s terror plot in Paris last month

Israel’s Mossad spy agency thwarted a terror attack in Paris last month, giving authorities in France, Germany, and Belgium crucial intelligence that led to arrests of a terror cell headed by an Iranian diplomat, Hadashot reported Thursday.

The cell, headed by an Iranian diplomat at the Austrian embassy in Vienna, also consisted of a Belgian married couple of Iranian origin.

Earlier this month, Belgian authorities arrested the couple and charged them with preparing a terrorist attack in France against the Iranian opposition there.

The federal prosecutor’s office said that the two, both in their thirties, planned a bomb attack against an Iranian opposition group, the People’s Mujahedin, in the French town of Villepinte, which is close to Paris.

Report The Mossad gave the intel that thwarted Iran's terror plot in Paris last month

The office said the couple was detained while in their Mercedes, which contained about half a kilogram of TATP explosives and a detonator. After their detention, police raided five more homes.

The Mossad, in conjunction with their counterparts from Belgium, France, and Germany, led a hunt that crossed several European borders and prevented the bombing, Hadashot news reported, without giving sources.

The operation included tracking the suspects and eavesdropping on them,  Hadashot said.

Earlier this month, PM Netanyahu called on European leaders to stop funding Iran, as P4 states recently invited the Iranian president to meet in Europe to discuss ways to bypass US sanctions that are set to be reposed following President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the nuclear deal.

“At the same time, in recent days, this same regime dispatched a terrorist cell to carry out a major terrorist action in France. The commander of this terrorism cell was an Iranian diplomat in Austria… This Iranian terror plot was planned on the soil of Europe on the same week that the European leaders are supposed to meet the president of Iran about circumventing the sanctions on Iran,” Netanyahu said.