IDF announces reinforcement of Iron Dome batteries in Tel Aviv and south

BREAKING: Following security assessment, IDF announces reinforcement of Iron Dome aerial defense batteries in Israel’s center and south.

In addition, a limited amount of reserve soldiers were summoned to reinforce the Aerial Defense Command.

A statement from the IDF said that the army is “determined to continue to defend Israeli citizens and is ready for a variety of scenarios that could continue and intensify according to the assessment of the situation and the operational need.”

Ministers from the Security-Cabinet who convened on Sunday decided that the the IDF would respond to incendiary kites flying into Israel from Gaza and will show no policy of restraint.

“The IDF views the launching of arson balloons and kites with great severity and will continue to operate with increasing force against those who carry out this type of terror activity,” the IDF said in a statement.

IDF  strikes Hamas terror cells launching firebombs into Israel - 1 terrorist eliminated

According to Arab reports, at least one terrorist was eliminated in one of the strikes targeting firebomb-launchers.

The strikes came as several fires broke out in southern Israel due to firebomb-terrorism and one day after 200 rockets were launched by Hamas into Israel.